The SENSE workshop will bring together experts in the field of chemical sensing with 2D materials and graphene derivatives seeking for an efficient implementation of such materials in operating sensing devices and architectures. Chemical sensors are part of modern society, finding broad applications in environmental and indoor monitoring, industrial safety, industrial chemical productions processes, pharmaceutical, food products, healthcare, security, etc. We believe that this workshop will provide  a stimulating environment facilitating the easy flow of knowledge and ideas among participants belonging to multidisciplinary research areas (chemistry, physics, engineering, etc.).  

The workshop is organized in the frame of the project “SENSATION - Gas Sensing with Atomic Precision for Environmental Protection” supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCIN), the European Union and the State Investigation Agency (AEI).

Topics include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Development of novel routes in organic chemistry, both in solution and on surfaces, for the synthesis of materials with tailored functionalities optimized for chemical sensing applications.
  2. Development of computational screening schemes with predictive power for the identification of promising sensing materials.
  3. Characterization in UHV of graphene, graphene nanoribbons, nanographene and 2D materials interactions with analytes such as gas, volatile compounds, ions, biomolecules, etc. (with surface science techniques)
  4. Characterization of graphene/2D materials-analyses interactions in environmental conditions (with in-operando techniques as near ambient pressure photoemission-NAPP, XAS, Raman, etc....)
  5. Proof of concept sensing devices and new sensing technologies based on graphene/2D materials nanoarchitectures.